Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ethiopia Baby?

Could it be that an Ethiopia Baby graces cover of Adoptive Families magazine? It sure is! Does this baby's face looks familiar? Well it is Kia a West Michigan baby! She was the one we were voting for. I am not sure if she won the contest, but to me getting the cover shot is even better. Now if worlds are not small enough, but little things happen daily that are just meant to be. Our neighbor AJ was really excited about our adoption and said that he knew a great young family that adopted from Ethiopia that he would like us to meet. Just by chance it ended up being Kia's parents. What an absolutly small world.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

VOTE...this time with less media coverage

One of the talented photographers in our group got the great news that her daughter is in a photo contest for Adoptive families magazine. I would love it if you guys would check it out and vote for your favorite (hopefully Kia!!)

Holiday Blessing Everywhere!

After the great lunch at the Olive garden there has been good luck all around me. The two girls on my left both got referrals!

Julie received a referral call from Chandra telling her that it was the big day that she would be the mother of an approximately 8 - 10 weeks old baby boy (and he is very tiny). He is at Enat Alem orphange. Check out her full story at http://leapafaith.blogspot.com/

Then Rebecca posted the news of a beautiful 7 month old boy. She told me that she really wanted a boy and that is so great! Another awsome thing is that she only waited two months! Rebecca and were almost exactly on the same paperwork schedule and have our dossiers arrive in Ethiopia almost the same time. Obviously we will be waiting much longer because we are waiting for a girl born after 10/08.

Then we got word that Rob and Mary's court date has gone through. They will be traveling to pick up there beautiful daughter Lucia Mihret, 19 months old over Christmas. And she IS beautiful, I saw the photos. We are wishing them a trip of a lifetime, comfort for thier child staying behind and Gods pertection on their little Lucia until they get her safely home in the care of her doctor. Hopefully I can get Mary some supplies for the orphange before she leaves!

I joked around with the girls in my adoption group that the key is to sit by me at parties because I am lucky : ) I wish this was true, but we also got a lot of other good news from parents excepting refferals, at least three families traveling, and many more making good progress!