Thursday, January 22, 2009

Waiting Families meeting

Our agency recently hosted a meeting for all the waiting families to hear stories from those families just back with their new ones. This was a lot more helpful than the meeting about raising fees and additional supplemental fees! The family that just got back from Ethiopia was a familiar face and I got to ask lots of questions.

One of the most interesting topics was that of the airlines. It looks as if it will be best for us to take a direct flight into the US from Ethiopia. Our plan would need to land and fuel in Italy, but that does count a layover as we probably will not get off the plane. The benifit of this is that your just avoiding the need for a transit visa from what ever country you stop at. This can be confusing because technically the new little one is still considered an Ethiopian Citizen until they reach US soil.

Another great tips covered what to bring, how much to bring, Airline regulations on size and weight and much more. I thought the whole thing was well done and helpful!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Mr R and I are very grateful for the recent invite from a local couple who recently adopted a baby girl. The invite was not totally out of the blue as we had a common friend (AJ from up north). He introduced us by sharing our numbers and email and strongly encouraged us to call each other. I have to admit that we were a little nervous going to the door of perfect strangers home sight unseen. But as soon as we met them it was like we had known them all along.

The night was fantastic. We got to meet their children (one bio daughter and one Ethiopian daughter). We shared dessert and got to here all their stories from their journey to Ethiopia. They gave us tips and tricks for our travels. We wished we had more time to look at the photos and hear more, but the night was over too quickly.

Little V was so cute when she met their little daughter. I wondered how she would react with the differences in their looks. It was very humorous when she crawled over to the little girl and patted the top her head. I am sure she could not resist the spongy looking ringlets and how they might feel. After she gave a few quick pats, she smiled and was off to investigate all the new toys.

I guess in a way we were all really touched!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Keeping track in 2009

I thought it would be fun to keep track of all the proud parent in 2009. How many referals of boys and girls. Here is the list so far. Last updated on 1-7-2009. Please know that this is NOT the list of my agency, but only the referrals of people I have met through my blog and yahoo groups. It is still fun to see so many children getting good homes!

Killin time- 4 month girl 1/5/2009
Kitta22 - 3month old girl 1/7/2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Missed Out!!!

I completely missed out on the homecoming of new Ethiopian babies to West Michigan. They arrived at the GGR airport on Friday night. Super duper bummed out is the mild form of my dissapointment! There was a big group to welcome them all home. I really wanted to make it, but Mr R was on trip and I could not find anyone who would help me with a drop off (since I would have little sweet V along). You can check out photos on the blogs and read more at

Hopefully the load of supplies we sent to Ethiopia were helpful to the orphange.