Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring is blooming

Spring is here both flowers and babies are blooming everywhere! Several families are back in town with their new family members. The wait for a little girl continues to be long. We spoke with a family today who sent their dossier over to Ethiopia in January of 2009 and they already have a referral of an infant boy. Wow! Two months is quick so good things do happen in the adoption world. On the flip side we are continuing to pray for a family who has a little on who was referred back this fall. They have gone to court 5 times and still have not passed. Every time it is some little thing go wrong. A missing paper, a word wrong on a document, a frustrated person, and the list goes on and on. We will continue to keep their family in our thoughts and prayers.

We were hoping to have a moms get together today. I am really bummed out that it did not work out. Many of the moms were just not up to it after the long trip home. Plus our first 70 degree day did not help the attendance either. I was so hoping to see some of my mom friends again and meet some new ones too. Maybe another day will be better for everyone.

Instead I will be taking sweet V out to get some fresh air and see her grandma sweetheart today. That will be a bonus.