Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day

Today is mothers day! Congrats to all those new moms. At this point I am officially still the mom of one crazy baby. I was wondering if It would be two? But no referral yet. And I don't really say that with regret.

We almost had a referral when we seen a waiting child posted. A little girl who had suffered some sever malnutrition. It breaks my heart than any child should ever land on a waiting children list. We saw her photo and asked our agency about her feeling desperate to find he a home quickly. Although I was not drawn to her photo, her story seemed to be a fit for us. I was nervous all weekend, could this be the one? It seem as if our referral was to be really far away and then BOOM! We were actually looking at a photo and we almost have one? Are we really adopting? What was I thinking!

You know we constantly anticipate the referral and the journey seems so long and never ending. Or at least that is what I like to blog about! I know it is hard to understand, but when I though we had a referral, I honestly was in panic. No, could it be? Already. Am I ready for my summer to flop upside down? Are we ready for another baby? How will little V feel about a new baby? Feelings of joy were suddenly held hostage by desire to keep that one on one special time with our first daughter. It was odd and almost creepy that I was not a bit excited about a referral.

Well all for a good reason. Something good to blog about. Another family with our agency requested her information too. They had been waiting longer than us and took the referral. I was actually overjoyed. That is what we wanted most, the little girl to find a loving home. She was quite weak from starvation and had been hospitalized for her weight. At four months she was able to just now lift her head after the care at the orphanage, but still had a long way to go. I do not know all the details, but must have had a rough life up to this point. I will continue to pray for little "K" that she is able to find her way home quickly and safely.

Now on Mothers day, I am going to kick back and spend 100% of the time with hugs and giggles from little V. She just loves these days where we can be together from morning to night! I will take the lessons from this month and cherish this special time that we have together...just her and I. When her little sister arrives, we will have lots of new joy, but we need to count this special moments of her and I together as sacred memories in the making. If she was not napping, I would give her a big squeeze this very moment!