Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rollercoster bumpy wait of Adoption

For my few loyal blog followers, you may wonder why I have not posted in the last month? There just has not been any good news to share : ( As of early my the Ethiopian court is now no longer accepting the adoption case of any child abandoned in Addis Ababa until a report is issued by the police department. We do not know how long it will take for the police to issue their report, and for this temporary halt to be lifted. It does not matter where the child is currently residing--it now affects any child abandoned in Addis Ababa. The Department of State has issued a statement, which can be found at: http://adoption. news/Ethiopia% 20alert.html

Again, the reason for this hold is that a large number of cases of abandoned children were put into court within a short period of time from four orphanages. A judge took note of this, felt the number was too high, and has asked the police commission officials (who previously cleared the children, indicating they were abandoned) to further investigate this matter and report back to the court their findings. They were also not permitting agencies to put the cases of children who were abandoned into court. It continues to be unknown how long this investigation will take. Rich and I appreciate the court ordering an investigation when they have any concerns, as we want Ethiopian adoptions to be ethical.

Our hearts go out to you and everyone else in the midst of this news. It is certainly most hard for those with referrals who have fallen in love and yearn to get their child in the safety of their homes. It is also hard for those still waiting and wondering if this will cause additional delays and longer wait times. Frightened that Ethiopia could evolve into another Guatemala. And for those who have families home they can be laden with doubt or uncertainty, wondering of possible behind the scenes confiscation. This can all taint the pureness of their beautiful journey as adoptive parents.

I know it is hard for all of us to hear about the abandonment cases being put on hold. No one is untouched by this issue. However, if corruption is suspected, it must be dealt with immediately. The news media salivates over this kind of juice and takes now pause in sensationalizing adoption corruption. If you Google adoption corruption you will see that there are millions of postings saying how bad adoption is. Here is a recent article recently posted on MSNBC. http://www.slate. com/id/2217608/ ?Gt1=38001

My sister and her husband have beautiful daughter who is adopted. Before adopting her daughter, she adopted a little boy from Guatemala named Ben. On week of her travel to get her son, she received a registered letter in the mail from the Guatemalan government. It had said that Ben's DNA and the person claiming to be Ben's mother did not match. Ben would be moved to a government run home and could not be adopted out. The original women claiming to be the mother had fled. It was impossible with out her to find his true mother. After nine years, Ben became lost in the system and we do not know his destiny. This was a terrible horror for both my sister and the innocent baby.

No one wants this to happen to a child. We all really need to know that the children and the process are as safe and ethical as possible. As much as I hate to see any delays to getting children in the loving arms of their families, we hate even more to allow unethical corruption and abduction of children. The whole thing is scary for everyone, but we need to trust and pray that everything will be good. This whole process constantly teaches us that we really have no control and need to TRUST.

In the mean time, we can pray for the children affected. Ask God to help those who have to assure good ethics, that the process done quickly. Pray for patience and strength for the families. Help us all remind each other that most of us are on this journey protect and enhance the lives of the children and to make a difference for these children in a positive way. For this to be possible the system must also be honorable and upstanding.