Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sometimes you just need a break

There has been so much going on in Vos world of adoption that I think it is time to just sit back and take a deep breath, stick your toes in the lake and enjoy our current surroundings.

The referrals have be slow. Well maybe the word non-existent is a better term. Due to the police not referring any abandon children in the capital city (instead putting them in a government facility), double triple checking everything to avoid possilble issue with child harvesting and just slowdowns within our agency, we have not seen any referrals since summer.

Good news is that our agency was cleared of any issues within the investigation by the Michigan department of child services. I am sure it was a battle that went on for months. The media coverage did not help with new sign ups, thus putting the agency seriously behind with new revenue. Hopefully now they can rebuild their name and get on top of the contriversary.

Bad news is that our coordinator Kim parted ways with our agency. The details of this are shrowded in secretcy. We don't know if she left, was fired, downsized or just mutually decided to part? It doesn't matter as it is none of our business, but this does put many people in the blues and the news does not do anything to raise spirits.

The single moms are still waiting to hear if they can still adopt. The laws in Ethiopia say yes, but MOWA is still not approving any of the moms. My heart crys for these gals. So much they have had to do to pull off the adoption finacially. Now this. Hopefully good news will come soon. If not, I think we will need to move our expectations up a bit as I am sure we will jump ahead drastically on the list. Nothing we could ever feel good about.

Read a good called "orphaned". Totally recommend it to anyone in the process.

Lastly, feeling good about the savings for our final adoption fees. I was able to put these all aside in a special bank account just waiting for "the call". The international aid fund is just a few hundred dollars away from being all set. I know that this will just finish on it's own with our family and friends. That only leaves the travel, which could easily go on a credit card or come out of our savings. It is really a gift not to have this stress to deal with of money!

This weekend is our annual adoptive moms dinner. I plan to blog about this seperately. It will be a blast!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Our favorite adoption Video

This is Little Luv's favorite adoption video. Well actually favorite in general. She wants to see it every time I get out my computer. Most kids say Barney or Elmo. LL wants the "babies". I would have to say we have watched it several hundred times. Good thing the music is awesome!

I recently received an email from the proud parents and the adopted kids are doing great. This makes watching the video even better.

My favorite part is where the father (Dave) reminds his wife (Rae) to remove her shoes just before she excepts the children. What a overwhelming moment in their lives and yet the both still want to be respectful. What great character! LL's favorite parts are the lady praying, the babies in the bath and the mommy (Rae) waving at the airport. Let me know what your favorite part is! comment below.