Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

We got "the call"

I was kind of taken off guard when we a from Sally at our agency called. I thought at first they were calling to say they made a mistake and we really had not moved up to number 3 on the list, but then She said something completely different! A referral. She is approximately 4-1/2 to 5 months old. She is an orphanage in the south region of Ethiopia. This is a very green and fertile area close to mountains and big lakes were lots of unique fruits grow and starbucks buys their coffee beans from. It is beautiful, but much poverty.
We then after everything was reviewed we said Yes, we want her! Due to confidentially of information, we can't share much about her on line until the adoption is finalize.
When we saw her photo, she has lots of baby-puff... especially in her cheeks. We have telling our two year old daughter for the last year that she grew in my belly, but her sister was growing in our hearts. When we got her referral photo, little T's shirt had a big heart on it. Then after looking at it, it made us smile, warmed our hearts and then sorta melted us a little. We are both really excited and can't sleep. emaill me if you want to talk about adoption because I think Rich is getting sick of me talking about it non stop!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blog block

I see this in almost every adoptive mom. Great blogging while they wait, a big posting about a referral and then......nothing. Can't say that I am going to be much different, but I am going to try. For all those adoption blog stalkers out there, this is the part your all waiting for, the baby!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


When I started this journey, i had one idea of what sisterhood meant. I could envision little L running and playing with her new sister when she arrived. Hopefully this will someday be true.

As the days roll by and we walk the road to adoption with it's confusing twists, turns (and even some major road wash outs), I have found the company of other traveling moms on the same journey. We have connected through email, phone and even in person. We have worried, supported and allowed a safe place to unload our frustrations. They have the abiltity to take what I think is a big blow and show a differnt way to look at things.

I know it is hard to believe, but I am truly finding them to be like sisters on this journey. When things go bad for them, I worry, I pray and I tear. When we hear good news, I feel as if I am celebrating with them. They are fabulous courageous women seeking to make a difference in their world and families. I guess that is why I like them so much. When you hear good news from about another person your happy for them, but when you hear good news about your sister, your elated. It is like a support buddy.

Right now I am celebrating inside with so much good news among the "sisters". They have all made such a positive leap in this hole process. All of the girls that I have corresponded with, have received a referral in the last 60 days. Because this is a public blog, I will give them nick names for privacy.

Sunshine is waiting for paperwork, she has found two wonderful children and is changing agencies to be able to adopt and get the kids home sooner. Both a cute little girl and her sweet younger brother. They both seemed to have suffered from some nutritional issues, but especially the boy needs prayers. He is so small. If she passes court and travels on schedule she will arrive on her sons birthday. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Wave is reviewing medicals background on a very young baby girl. I love her faith in God's perfect timing and his ability to create their perfect family. She is trusting him to lead her to the right decision. Because of her health, this little girl needs lots of prayers and she certainly getting them right now by all of Wave's family & friends. I know how hard it must be for them as they patiently wait for all the right information to be sure the decision is right. I hope very soon they will be able to say yes!

Wind just pasted court on Jan 1st, and now a proud parent to a beautiful 17 month old little gem who is now officially and leagly one of their family. From this little girl's photo, you can tell this adorable child is full of emotion and softness. It will be wonderful to see her strive in a loving family. I think Wind will be the first of us to get her little girl home. For me, it will be like having a sister doing a dry run for us. She is using the same agency and will be like my own personal trainer if we get to go to Ethiopia someday. I am living vicariously through her! I can't wait to set my teary eyes on her and her new baby as I am waving the biggest welcome home sign in the airport!

Our family is just enjoying the moments we have together as a party of three. Even though the wait has been much, much longer than planed, are not at all anxious for a referral. I would say that worries with our agency extra fees are the only thing making us want to rush the process. Just another lesson in trust!