Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 7 - In the big city capital

Today we woke up and went to the breakfast at our guest house. I had eggs and coffee, rich also had toast. Very good by my standards. We met a new couple that were just now joining our group. They flew in and the airline lost their bags. That would be not so great. It sort of took the edge off how mad I was this morning when I came up with my wallet missing. Either someone picked me, or I dropped it. Either way it made me very mad because I am better at this travel stuff than that. My expectation for myself was let down. There was just some Birr (ET money) and a credit card. In five years I will not even miss it. I skped Tonie who canceled the card.

We scrambled into the vans and went to the largest open air market in all of Africa. It was enormous! We were escorted by guards (several of them). They showed us all the cool stuff. Rachel and I barter for some baskets and I think we did a fine job. My goal is to get them at ¼ of the asking price (which we did). Everyone else paid near full price. I have my sister Tonie to thank for that. I have bartered a lot, but she challenged me in China to beat her and that got my skills up a bit.

We ran into some trouble in the Market. I am not sure what it was. The guards rushed us out of the market and into the van. I think we were getting halked by thieves. We traveled then to some traditional stores that sold hand made items and antiques. We loaded up an dresses for Tara and something special for my sister.

After shopping, 2 of the family's then went to Kunket to meet with the family of there children. Getting away from the group, Travis, Rachael, Rich and I went out for lunch and then to nearby café. We had pizza and fanta. Rachel had Indian. Our current location is Addis Ababa which is the capital of Ethiopia. All the embassies are located around our hotel so we are seeing people from all over the word. At lunch we had a german on one side of us and a beautiful Indian women on the other. It is very international were we are and the ritziest place to be in Ethiopia.

Near by was a super market (no- not like D&W at all) that we stopped by on the way back to the hotel. We needed to be checked by guards before entering the upscale market that looked like a save-a-lot located in Kentucky. We hauled a lot of items we could have purchased there (wet wipes and toilet paper for example). This is a good tip for future parents adopting from ET. Stay at the Sadula and you will be close to things. There were several shops also surrounding the store. We loaded up on a few trinkets to put in storage for our girls. We are hoping to give them an item from ET every year on their got-cha day.

It is funny how things work out. We have somehow got pulled together with this couple through our daughters adoption. I have to say they are pretty cool and if I was dongled to another adoptive couple this is a pretty good one to be tied to. They are a lot of fun, have similar drive, and are pretty insightful on most topics. Here are some of the crazy ties:

·         Our daughters both were turned in to the same orphanage

·         Both  at the dilla office

·         Both slept side by side at EVADO

·         They were both moved to Enet Alem on the same day

·         They both were placed in side by side beds at Enet Alem (yes again!)

·         They were both adopted to families in west Michigan (not the Netherlands, Italy or any other of the million places that they could have went).

·         Rachel and Kristie are both managers who work with printing

·         Both couples signed up with AAI in July 2008

·         We both got a referral on the same day

·         We both got the same exact court date & both passed court on the first try

·         We both booked the same airline and were seated by each other on every flight to ET

·         We both ended up in the same hotel and  travel vehicle in Ethiopia

·         When it was time to meet with the birth families they asked us to please meet the families together at the same time  – I think we may have been to speed up the time? Never seen that happen before! It was odd. The information in these interviews is highly personal and now we know everything about their kid and they know everything about ours.

This is just a small list of things that keep happening to us. When Rachael went to visit Ruhamma at Enet, she said that Tara cried when Ruhamma left the nannie because she was holding the two girls together. I think it is going to be important to keep these girls friends. This is why I decided to buy the Tara some similar gifts as Ruhammah as I do not want the girls to be jealous of each other! There is some very distinct difference between the girls! Tara has super curly hair and Rummah is straight, T is very dark skinned and R is extremely light. T is chunky and small and R is slim and tall, T has very round face and R is more square. I do not think anyone will mix these girls up! Oh by the way, we both land in GR at the same day and time. So if you see a white couple get off the plane with a dark skinned child, don't assume it is us!

Now I am back at the guest house. Drinking a cold coke in a glass bottle. The power just went out. It frequently does. Rich is taking a snooze. I think I will down load some photos for redundancy and then dress for supper. We are going out tonight to a traditional Ethiopian Restaurant. I am craving the Doro watt already!!! I am sure there will be music and dancing. I bet that Travis and Rich have one too many honey beers. I personally will not be partaking in the honey beer or any raw meets because I think both are gross. I might have a local beer called St George, or some wine. If time later tonight I will tell you more about the restaurant. This is our last night to whoop it up because Wednesday is the big day and we all need to be responsible!

If your reading our blog right now, thank you. Just knowing that someone is thinking of us right now is a blessing. We think of everyone back home often. Especially Liviann. We miss her a lot and keep emailing and begging for more updates on her, but I am sure the people watching her are being kept very busy. I just can't wait to see her and neezle nose with her. I know all of you might call them eskimo kisses, but Livi likes to call them neezle noses. Then give her a big sniff right in the middle of her belly. I love her Livi-smell. I mostly miss her smell...and her hugs, the funny things she says, the moooommmmmeeeeeyyy when she wants something and the low snicker laugh she has when she get caught doing something wrong, oh yeah, that big tow rubbing on my leg while reading a book and not last but least her twirling and dancing and singing and 5 thousand other things!

And in 15 hours we will have her sister!

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the Brookhouses said...

Kristie, yes we're reading this!! Every word! I've been thinking of you constantly & praying your experienced is blessed. Sounds like Rachael is amazing, I'm so glad you can experience this journey with her!