Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday- Day something or other ; )

Today we all slept in after a big day on Thursday. Thursday was not such a hot day. We also found out that our friend, Tanya's father had taken a turn for the worse. Jen and Ellen said they would step in and take care of little love.

Friday morning was a great time bonding with little Tara. She is so loving and smilie. She loves to touch your face and rub your arm. All the families had big breakfast. Todd had gotten his wallet picked. I felt really bad for him since it was a lot of money, but it also made me feel less incompetent when I got mine taken. He filed a police report. Ethiopia seems really safe. It is just very poor and this results in crime. They don't seem to want to hurt anyone, just take stuff. I still like it here and would not hesitate to come back again. However, I would not allow the safe "feeling" you get to effect making dumb choices (like carrying too much cash at once).

We all piled into Alemu's vans and went to his house for dinner. It really is possible to get 17 people into a 10 passenger van, we have proved it. It was a feast. All tradiontional foods and bananas. We were all together. Plus all our kidos. It was noisy and the kids were happy to all be together again. Tarikua remains among the favorite of the older kids. They all go to her and kiss her. They stroke her face and sing to her. Another funny thing is they always say Tarikua-Ruhammah when they talk with Tara and then they say the opposite (Ruhammah-Tarikua). For this reason you know they have always been thought of as one.

The food was wonderful and we had a traditional coffee ceremony with his house girl gizaya and Alemu's sister. They made this gigantic loaf of bread and all the men took turns cutting it. It was as big as a tire. They all had us dress in traditional coffee ceremony robes and they guys sometimes had a head wrap. We were all sweating to death! Alemu had a couple of bed mattresses spread out under a canopy for all the babies to lay on. There was grass cut and decorated and laid on the ground. Incents was burning in the background. The village that Alemu lived in was very nice and also very authentic Ethiopia style. A large thunderstorm came rolling in and we all huddled under the canopy. Water rushed through the cracks and everything got damp or completely wet.

We said good bye to several of the families and headed up to our room to pack. Rachael and Travis stopped in and we ate some small Thai dinners I had brought from home and we wrapped formula bags for the plane. Tarikua crashed out and slept well during the night only getting up a few times.

Finally…An uneventful non-stressful day.

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