Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A little better news

We did get some semi-good news yesterday. The USCIS has reviewed our case (they did not wait the 90 days) and have identified it as “an error” and will fix the paperwork in 10 days. That means we will have the new form on 3/16. This is the day before we leave...yikes ; 0. We will then need to make sure that the US National Visa Agency and the American Embassy in ET have the correct updated copies too. Needless to say that will be a busy day. I am praying for all the paperwork to return corrected (the right way the first time) and that it even gets done a day or two early. I know that is not likely, but God can and does do amazing things. Tina reminded me that there are real people sitting behind the desks and Jen said almost the same thing. Who knows, maybe one of them will walk into work with their double skinny latte mocha macchiato and say “ hey lets just bust out this Vos I171H early!”... That is what I think is going to happen ; ).

We also got a good update on Tarikua (aka TARA). It is funny that all my focus should have been wrapped around the paperwork, but all I could do is be filled with joy over her great report. I could see her pressing her little feet on the side of her Plexiglas crib. I just want to scoop her up and give her a neezle nozzel with my nose!

> Weight = 8kg (increased 1.4kg in 3 months) = 17.6 pounds;
> Length = 70cm (increased 7cm in 3 months)70 cm = 27.6 in;
> Head circumference = 44cm (increased 2cm in 3 months) 44 cm = 17.3 in.
> Open anterior fontanel.
> Generally in a good state of health.
> Playful.

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