Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tarikua Vianne Vos

Well it is official. We have named this little sweetie, bought her a few dresses and gave her a given her a little American Bling. I would say that she is as cute as ever, but judge for yourself.

We have decided to keep her Ethiopian name "Tarikua". We think it is fitting because names are very powerful in Ethiopia. She was given a name by her mother and it means "I have a story". She was born in the small town in the south. This town only 11% of the people have access to electricity. She was born at home (not in a hospital) and most likely with out any running water or power. Her mother spent some time with her before she relinquished her. She was placed in an orphanage in Dilla and moved to Awassa. There she lived at EVADO for several months until we adopted her. EVADO is not a luxury spa, they do not have running water, diapers or any of the items you would think to have while raising a baby. We visited there and it is a very poor orphanage, but know the people running are doing things for the right save lives. We then adopted little Tarikua and she moved to Enat Alem. This orphanage was in the capital and was just a transition home for Tarikua. We then put her on a plane and she traveled 31 hours through Sudan, Holland and finally into the USA where she met her new sister, friends and extended family. Here she has started an entire new story in her life.

Now some of you are now wondering how in the world am I going to say the name Tarikua? We are going to make it easy. You can just call her Tara (pronounced Tarr-ruh). We will say it as they say it in most of the world, not Terra like some Americans say it. Any easy way to remember is that it it is "tar" like we "are" family! Not tera, like terrible, terracotta, terrorist, tear a paper, and definitely not full of air.

For those who want to call her by her official Ethiopian name, go ahead. You pronounce it TaRR-Rea-kwa and roll the r on the Rea part. I had to practice this, so I am sure you will too.

When we look back at the conditions that Tara was born in and what might had happen to her if it was not for adoption, we are overwhelmed with joy that she is in our arms and flurishing. For this reason, we have given her the middle name Vianne, which means "Alive". We are grateful that she is able to have a life and that we will be blessed by her sharing it with us!

You pronounce Vianne, Vee-enne. Just like the heroine in the movie released in 2000 called Chocolat. A great fun romance flick. If you have not seen it, you should. Don't forget to buy a few dark chocolate truffles prior to playing it!

Tara is definitely full of life! She is constantly smiling, singing and touching you when ever she can. She is just beautiful! We have some minor health issues to clear up, but all easily solved with proper diet, a healthy environment and lots of tender care. We promise to give her all these plus some!


Mac said...

Hi Tara,
I think you are a cutie, just like my cousin Emiri. Can't wait to meet you when I come over to see my Aunty Rach and Uncle Trav!! Mac x

Brandon and Julie said...

Congratulations again Kristie, she is absolutely beautiful and what great pictures! It is hard to believe it was almost 2 years ago that we sat at Olive Garden and talked about just starting the process!! :)

TJ & Rebecca said...

She is beautiful. Can't wait to see her in person