Thursday, April 22, 2010

Praise God We are home!

Some may wonder if our plane has crashed do to the volcanic ash in Iceland, but that is not the case. We have actually arrived home safely and have been adjusting for the last few weeks.

Our trip home was eventful. The girls screamed pretty much the entire flight. The ear infections did not help a bit. Getting though customs and transfers through out the night were hectic. Ruhama (now Emiri) was having breathing issues. We ended up giving Rachel and Travis our bassinet seats in hope she would feel better and would take a snooze. We got to the airport in Addis around 7pm and our flight took off just before midnight. We flew to Khartoum, Sudan and then to Amsterdam, Holland. From Amsterdam to Detroit. Then Grand Rapids and finally home. The whole trip took just under 32 hours. We thought it might go faster if the girls screamed just a little be louder, but we found out that did not work. It was a toss up, which baby was the loudest, but they seemed to time it out so that at least one was screaming most of the time. By this point, we were like a big family and it did not matter which girl was unhappy, we still all felt bad.

There was a big scare in Detroit because Ruhama (now Emiri) was unresponsive. The paramedics piled over her in the main terminal. Our names were being paged over the loud speaker and our plane was already boarding. Slightly stressful would be an understatement. She seemed to have recovered and we jumped on the plane with only one word on our minds…home.

When we arrived in GR Travis and Rachel made it out of the gate first to meet up with Travis’s son and extended family. We did our best to get a quick “freshie” on Tara, because boy did her diaper stink. Then we made it down to our ride at the luggage area. We knew for sure that Jen, Frank and Ellen would be there to greet us. We also knew that my Aunt and Uncle would be there with our truck too. However we had no idea that there would be a big crowd.

Gobs of our friends cheered us in at our gate. Liviann ran full blast up the runway (yes past the legal security point). She said mommy-daddy-mommy-daddy over and over. I scooped her up and she just touched my face over and over (probably to make sure I was real). She was so happy to see us! From the corner of my eye I saw a big black curl. One I would know anywhere. I said, “Is that Tonie”? And it was. She had flown all the way from China to meet Tara on her got-cha day. Wow. And it just got even better. Tina too. Yes, all the way from Seattle. Both sisters were here in Grand Rapids at once, celebrating Tara’s arrival. I was so happy to see everyone in the crowd. Everyone looked so happy and most had one thing in common: A clenched tissue in one hand, a smile on their face and the other hand touching their chest as if they were checking that their hearts did not skip a beat. What a touching moment! Praise God we made it!

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