Saturday, October 8, 2011

It has be crazy year

With several stays and trips to the hospital, problems with the IRS over the adoption,  changes in our jobs and moving of our vacation cottages business, and adjusting our new family family dynamic, I can say it has been a really crazy year. So I thought I was one of those people who would keep up on the blog even after our daughter was home. All I can say is sorry and all is well. We are finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and life is finding a "new normal". Tarikua is thriving and now two years old. Yes her curls are real and about 8-10" long when pulled straight. The morning hair ritual can take around a half hour for a simple style and I am happy to share tricks with other moms & dads. When Tara finally decided to speak, it came out like a flood. She is now talking and singing non stop. She continues to progress physically at an amazing rate. She has not stopped jumping off the back of the couch or chasing her sister for the last year. Her flexibility is amazing. She can put her leg behind her head if she wants to. She is all over the place and never sits still even for a moment. When we are out in public the first comments always directed at Tara and her unique beauty and then after a minute the admirer always turns to me with the reminder that we have our hands full with her activity and strong will. She has a stubborn streak and knows what she wants. We have to be firm as it is a challenge to change her mind. Tara is intentional about her actions. When she wants you to know she loves you, it is serious and deliberate. She cares for everyone and everything. Don't put something in the wrong spot or Tarikua will correct you. So we think she is going to be a nurse (or a NFL cheerleader if she continues to be as active as she is now). She continues to be a smiley little girl who warms the hearts of about everyone she meets. Try not to love her!